Scooter jump ramp - 5’ & 6’H x 8’W x 30’L
Scooter jump ramp - 5’ & 6’H x 8’W x 30’L
Scooter jump ramp - 5’ & 6’H x 8’W x 30’L
Scooter jump ramp - 5’ & 6’H x 8’W x 30’L
Scooter jump ramp - 5’ & 6’H x 8’W x 30’L

Scooter jump ramp - 5’ & 6’H x 8’W x 30’L

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Our flagship scooter jump ramp measures 5 & 6’ high x 8’ wide x 30’ long (1.5 & 1.8m high x 2.4m wide x 9.1m long) Supplied with safety hand rails on the platform as standard for added safety. Aimed at the most adventurous scooter riders with more budget and larger outdoor spaces.

The mother of all stunt scooter ramps for the garden!  This is a top end, professional level scooter jump ramp set up. A total width of 8’ with the platform at 5’ high, it boasts an impressive 3’ high x 4' wide Spine feature in the middle of the set-up.  At the far end is the 6’ high Wall-Ride where the bravest can throw a back-flip!  With the overall length at 30′ you’ll have that time to regroup between tricks. 

A Scooter Jump Ramp Max (up to 16’ wide) is also available as a bespoke option.  'Max' means a second module is added to the scooter jump ramp, increasing the width from 8 feet to 12 or 16 feet. (This bespoke option also comes with an additional 'pump hump' feature as standard)

Our unique design allows for future enlargement by the addition of new modules, for the length, width and height if required.

Supplied in a kit format our Scooter jump ramps are designed for ease of delivery and simple home assembly.  You’ll be shredding your ramp in no time! 

Manufactured in our workshop, from exterior grade sustainable timber, engineered using CNC machining ensures an accurate, quality product is achieved every time. An easy build for you, a hard-wearing product to withstand years of wheel action!

Key features:

  • Suitable for outdoors
  • Safety handrails
  • Pro level ramp 
  • 5 foot high platforms
  • 6 foot high wall ride
  • 30 feet long
  • 3’ spine/jump
  • 2 day build for 2 people
  • CNC machined parts

Comes with:

  • Base
  • Premium grade birch riding surface 
  • Transition pods
  • Supplied with posts and handrails 
  • Galvanised steel coping rails & threshold plates
  • Platform deck
  • Rust proof fasteners
  • Full step-by-step pictorial build instructions
  • Full on-line technical support

Haven’t found your dream half pipe? No problem call today on 0333 577 0995 or email and we’ll get you sorted!


YES. They are made from exterior grade materials. All the structural spars, joists, posts and handrails are made from factory pre-treated timbers which do not require any further treatment. However, we do recommend that you apply a timber preservative (as recommended in the build manual) to all the plywood parts. 


It takes around 3 working days for us to dispatch your kit from the date you order it. There can be a longer lead in time in peak season but if you need it quick, tell us and we’ll advise if we can meet your required date.


YES. Our kits come complete with all the parts & materials you’ll need to complete the ramp. Simple assembly, with pre-cut joists, pre-drilled boards, all the screws & fasteners, plus the build manual with step by step instructions. You’ll be shredding your ramp in no time!

Base and transition pods

Coping rails

Riding surface materials in premium birch plywood

Platform decks

Handrails and posts (included when 4’ high & over)

Full step-by-step build instructions

Full on-line technical support


YES. We build additional ramp kits to those listed on our site. Jump ramps, spine ramps, pump ramps skate surf ramps and vert ramps. If you don’t see the ramp size/set-up you want on our website please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to chat through your ideas.


Our Half pipes can be placed on patios, lawns, decks, compacted gravel, dirt, tarmac or concrete. The surface needs to be roughly level. If your site isn’t level, no problem there is a solution, just add a foundation plan to your order.


YES.  If you are not the handy type, why not let the SB Skate Ramp team come and take care of your ramp build. We build around 1 in every 20 ramp kits we sell. Using our own in-house team of experienced ramp builders, we can have most kits built in a day or two. For a price for the build please contact us and include your build site postcode and your chosen ramp kit.

DIY home build half and quarter pipe kits!

If you can build an IKEA flat pack wardrobe you can build one of our self assembly ramp kits, ideally you’ll need 2 pairs of hands and an electric drill/screw driver!

Prior to assembly we advise for longevity, of your quarter or half pipe, to treat with a timber preservative, although our ramps are suitable for outdoors we liken them to timber garden furniture.  Cover during wet or inclement weather and treat with a preservative to increase the life span and keep it looking awesome for years to come!

All our products are made from exterior grade materials but in order to keep your ramp protected, we highly recommend that you apply a preservative treatment to the plywood parts of the ramp, ideally before you assemble. 

Details of a recommended product are in your build manual, which you will receive when your order is processed.   All of the structural timber, spars, posts & handrails are pre treated so won’t need any attention.

Check out our How to video - showing the simple steps! Will be on You Tube to follow

All our ramps are supplied with an illustrated manual showing full step-by-step build instructions supported with full on-line technical assistance.

You will need basic DIY experience, a few everyday tools & electric drill/driver. Most can complete a 3′high half pipe in a weekend.  If all else fails, we’re only at the end of the phone if you need a bit more help!

For a taster of what might be ahead see our How To Build a Half Pipe Videos - presented by Tim Warwood, Snowboard Champion now turned TV presenter, regularly on Ski Sunday and Red Bull TV!  The SB half pipe featured is the Classic Half Pipe 3’H x 8’W x 22’L.