for bikes

The BMX ramp was required to be pretty high but short in length to fit the allocated event space, for the GB Cycling Team to wow the crowds with their dare devil tricks and show-off their skills.  

The chosen ramp was an SB Skate Classic Half Pipe 3’ high x 8’ wide x 18’ long, designed for this event and added to our online range of ramps for bikes.

The build team attended site to ensure the BMX half pipe was built on time and just in the right spot, unbranded with back panels ready to be dressed with the HSBC branded vinyls.  A super smart ramp the crowds couldn’t miss!

The event was organised by British Cycling and six time Olympic champion Jason Kenny was among the VIP guests to attend. BMX Olympian Shanaze Reade was also in attendance.

SB Bike Ramps - great bike ramps for all but a favourite of BMX

Our SB Bike Half Pipes incorporate ramps with a longer base at 26’ long and above.  The longer length enables recovery between hitting the transitions, ensuring a more forgiving ride and the ability to build up speed.

We can design and manufacture ramps for bikes to any specification - just contact us on 0333 577 0995 or email hello@sbskateramps.com to discuss your requirements.