Pro Riding Skin

Upgrade your SB Half Pipe

Ride like a pro

Over 25 years

For over 25 years Skatelite has been a popular choice in the US for home skate ramps and is rapidly taking hold in the UK and Europe for garden half pipes.  Upgrade your garden half pipe to the chosen riding surface of the Olympians.


Skatelite is a durable solid paper composite material which is not only weatherproof, but gives riders a balance of speed and grip unlike any other ramp skins. 


Whether you skateboard, inline skate, quad skate or it’s ramps for BMX bikes or stunt scooter ramps, Skatelite can stand up to the daily punishment inside and out. 

We offer Skatelite Pro Natural in pre-drilled sheets of 2440 x 1220 mm offered as an upgraded riding surface to all our half pipes. 

Call us on 0333 577 0995 or email for costs and availability!

Not quite right? Don’t worry!  We have access to other Skatelite riding surfaces just contact us to discuss your requirements

Skatelite Pro Enquiry

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