A lockdown SB scooter ramp for Britains Got Talent Star, Scooter Rider Charley Dyson.  

We were approached to design and build a lockdown stunt Scooter Jump Ramp for Britains Got Talent Star, Scooter Rider Charley Dyson. See his ramp Here

An experienced rider at only 11 years old Charley and his Dad Andy, (no stranger to a skate park), had a very clear specification on what would work for stunt scooter rider Charley and utilise the available space at their home in South Yorkshire.

The scooter ramp was designed at 31 feet ( 9.45 metres ) in length, this allowed the central spine and ‘pump hump’ to be positioned to enable Charley to generate the height for his big air tricks - careful consideration was given to the dimensions and geometry of these obstacles.

The platform heights were designed at 5 and 6 feet with a standard platform width to the right hand side and a ‘stub’ platform to the left, keeping the overall length to fit snugly in the build site.

Our design team created the CAD plan so the scooter ramp could be visualised by all parties, this was tweaked several times until the design was deemed just right, before being sent to the workshop for manufacture, in components parts, ready for build!

The SB build team attended site and the ramp was built within 8 hours, by dusk Charley was demonstrating his tricks on his very own garden stunt scooter ramp.

We can provide smaller versions of this jump ramp, for those with smaller spaces or budgets, just get in touch to chat through. We also make ramps for quad skaters, ramps for bikes, ramps for inline skaters not just skateboard ramps.

See @charley_dyson but be warned… viewing is not for the faint hearted parent. #scooteramp #stayathome #charleydyson

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We have a complete range of SB scooter ramps.  Scooter riders favour the higher shorter ramps such as the Premier Half Pipes, 4’ or 5’H x 8’W x 22’L with a height of up to 5 feet and the shorter length of 22’ long this also the riders to achieve the speed and height necessary.  If the space and budget is available increasing the width to 12’ wide with different platform heights can be found in the Premier Max.

Alternatively a couple of quarter pipes positioned opposite is a great starting point.