What has Mcbusted, a half pipe and Harry Potter got in common?

What has Mcbusted, a half pipe and Harry Potter got in common?

Well, luckily for us, it was a Shawboard half pipe ramp that made its way onto a McBusted’s Air Guitar music video – how cool is that! Who wouldn’t want to be seen in a music video with a cool band like …McBusted!?!

As you can imagine, we were so excited to be approached by a freelance producer looking for a ramp to rent at really short notice, like really short (!) with specific platform heights, so it wasn’t a straight forward request and time was of the essence.

Luckily for us (and we’d like to think McBusted too), we had a ramp in stock which we could ‘modify’ to achieve the additional 6’ high platforms required. Extra height was needed so the skateboarder could be viewed above the crowds we were told, so this was an essential modification.

Following a quick re-design using our CAD design software and speedy manufacture in the workshop, our ramp was complete and palletised, ready to take its trip to Hertfordshire and its claim to fame.

We delivered our ramp to the Warner Brothers Studio in Leavesden (where Harry Potter Philosopher’s Stone was made). With no sign of Harry or his wand, our brilliant build team performed their own brand of magic to bring the ramp to life in super short time for the video.

Wand-less but with pre-packed sandwiches and fully charged power tools, they were committed to assembling the ramp in time for the shoot the very next day! Our enthusiastic build team had drawn straws to decide who would travel to the studio for this exciting project. We’re delighted and slightly relieved to report they assembled the ramp kit right on schedule.

The ambitious shoot was a HUGE success and we were all thrilled to be involved! Did we get to hangout with McBusted? No, unfortunately not, BUT, this unexpected experience brought us our first ramp rental and some great ideas to shape the service we now offer to you – thanks McBusted!

We love unusual events and locations so, if you need to ‘rent a ramp’ you know who to call, or if it’s a bespoke ramp you need in a hurry – well, now you know we’ll rise to the challenge, McBusted or no McBusted!