SB Skate Ramp to Katie Ormerod

SB Skate Ramp to Katie Ormerod


Checking in with old friends has been one of lockdown’s positives, reflecting on happier days and catch ups by FaceTime, Zoom, Teams, Google Hangout and House Party.  Viewing and engaging with posts across the various social media platforms has increased, as we support each other from a far.

We’ve long been followers (actually super fans) of Katie O.  Not just because she’s the daughter of my old school pal Claire, or she’s a local lass from my home town, or the very first Briton to win a World Cup Snowboard title (x11 now if you please!).  But because, as an SB team of snowboarding enthusiasts we think she’s an amazing ambassador for the sport.

We’ve seen Katie make her comeback from a shocking injury which sadly took her out of the Olympics.  Sheer determination and full on dedication to her sport has resulted in her return as an even better boarder!

Following @ormerodkatie you clearly see why!  As well as being a mega star boarder she’s a superb gymnast, Katie’s a truly dedicated athlete, constantly finding and sharing new ways to ‘home train’ in lockdown, to improve her craft.  Currently she’s encouraging us all be a little more active, with live 8.30am morning stretch sessions and, on top of all that – she’s super lovely!

Teaming up with Katie to supply her a mini ramp has been super exciting for us, intended to help keep her moving on a board (ok not a snowboard), but to assist Katie’s home training and make lockdown way more fun for her and little bro!

Check out she’s epic – you’ll soon be a super fan!

Katie’s choice was an SB Skate Ramp Mini 3H x 8W x 16L, order yours online, email us at or call us on 0333 577 0995.