Could you be the next star of the sb skate-off?

Could you be the next star of the sb skate-off?

Our recent social media competition had hundreds of enthusiastic riders hoping for the chance to star in our new film and photoshoot, to be featured on our fabulous new website.

We were over-whelmed by the response from a variety of disciplines and riders from far and wide, we set a date; booked a studio slot with our pals over at Pure Communications, Leeds, UK, and got to work.

The SB build team worked hard to build a double half pipe, quarter pipe and mini garage ramp prior to the shoot. The team ensured our riders had an awesome set up and one which could accommodate multiple riders.

Armed with a ‘wish list of footage’ as long as our arm – the day began on time, with an energetic vibe created by banging tunes and a zealous film crew ready to max out the day! Little did we know that our Pure crew (both Tim and Steven) were also skateboarders, in days gone by…!

Anton Delli- Bovi had won our competition to be SB skate ramp team rider, @antonsk8te947, and endured a grueling journey the day before, with backpack and board, all the way from Carmarthenshire, Wales. A talented skateboarder by night and welding apprentice by day – we are looking to design and build rails and boxes with Anton as part of our street product range, for launch in 2019.

Local lad Jack Rothery @Jackr0thery, is a real dare devil and features as our scooter rider, Jack is often seen at skate parks around Leeds. At just 12, he demonstrated amazing tricks which we captured on film showing what can be achieved with practice and guts! He had such a great time at our shoot he purchased his very own garden half pipe a few weeks later.

Junior skateboarder Joe Rose @joe_rose08, is one to watch for the future, at just 9 years old he’s already got his eye on #2024Olympics! Joe travelled with Mum, Claire @skatemum76 all the way from Norfolk and mesmerised us with his skills, raw talent and determination to master new tricks. Joe Rose is one to watch for the future.

Then along came Jonny Craven, @JonnyLeeCraven, an experienced skateboarder from Wrexham, am amazing skateboarder Jonny lead the way producing some great footage, full of energy and skill, he really embraced the day and transfixed the crew.

Max and Freddie our sibling scooter riders came along with Mum Donna and enjoyed playing around on the ramps, gaining confidence from watching the more experienced riders who encouraged them along.

Our final featured rider to arrive was larger than life quad skater, Sam Flame Kent @flammers10. A passionate quad skate coach from Pontefract who is part of the (CIB) community, encouraging chicks to get their skates on and have fun!

Sam is an awesome skater who demonstrated unique tricks and had loads of creative ideas to get other riders involved – we had great fun with Sam, she’s always posting cool stuff on Insta, so deffo one to follow.

All the riders and crew were awesome so HUGE thanks from us, none of us wanted the day to end – we want to do it all over again… sometime soon!

Watch out for more chances to come along to our SB Skate-offs for you chance to feature on our website and become our Star Skater!

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