A ramp in a sty, why?

A ramp in a sty, why?

With the last little piggy gone to market, our SB half pipe ended up with a new home in a disused pig sty in East Yorkshire.

Transformation of the pig sty into a home skate park, was a dream come true for our 12 year old scooter rider.  Living on a remote farm meant it was a real trek to the local skate park, particularly for busy medic parents.

An un-used outbuilding equals a great location for the larger double half pipe or we can provide bespoke designs to use the allocated space efficiently.

A home skate park ensures hours of practice so tricks and confidence escalate, with days of fun and zero travel time!  Having a ramp indoors means all-weather skateboarding or scootering and a cool place to hang out with friends in bad weather.

Our SB skate ramps are popular on farms with or without a barn or pig sty, you just need space where the extra land can house our larger skate ramps.

This was the case for a skateboard enthusiast who doubles up as potato farmer and his 11-year-old skateboarding son.

Our build team was called to assemble a half pipe at their potato farm in the depths of Surrey.  In beautiful farmland which again was off the beaten track and a long way from the local skate park. Our farming pal was so pleased with the results our team was tipped with more potatoes than they could eat for a year! Good job the team had a busy build programme ahead to work off those carbs!

Talk to us about your requirements – I think we are more excited than you about what’s possible with our range of ramps!

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