Made For Two - the all in one skate board and scooter ramp!

Space wasn’t an issue for this multi-talented family - but it was essential this ramp was thrilling for a skateboard and scooter rider with enough space to use together, and the odd friend that may pop round.

This home skate park was a total length of 32 feet ( 9.75m ) long with obstacles set within the ramp, these are portable so allow the set up to be switched around to try different tricks and accommodate different styles of riding.

The spine was designed at  2’ high and 2’ wide with the jump/roll-in feature also 2’ high but much wider at 3’.  The split level platforms and 4 and 5 feet high add further interest and are popular heights for this type of half pipe set up.

The flexibility of being able to move the central obstacles means additional fun and variety, as they can switch-up the set to fit their different riding styles, enabling a variety of tricks to be practiced and conquered.

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Our CAD team designed the ramp with space and budget in mind to ensure we hit the brief to include flexibility to keep everyone in the family happy! 

This type of ramp suits all disciplines; skateboarders, stunt scooter riders, inline/quad skates or BMX. #rampsforbikes #rampsforscooter #skateboardingramps #skateramps #BMXhalfpipes

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